Ok, there’s lots of useless backstory I could write and reasons for and against. I think too much. Sometimes it helps to just hear others out and realize I do or don’t agree. So I have 1 car, my DD, my track car, for road trips, for car shows, for everything until I can’t physically fit it. I love this car.

When I bought the Cayman I wasn’t intending to have a commute (lived a mile from work), I hadn’t experienced the track, I wasn’t doing my own maintenance just easy mods. Now I drive 35ish miles per day minimum, I spend every day thinking about performance driving in some manner, and my garage (I also didn’t have) has many tools that I actually use!


Assuming costs are the same, and I’m not currently in need of something specific (i.e. I don’t need to haul/tow, I don’t need to fit more people) would I get more out of a 2nd car or out of modding my Cayman? I think it seems obvious that a 2nd car is more value for the $ but there are intangibles that offset dollar value like my track/autox experiences and driving feel.

2nd car would be a manual convertible just engaging enough to have fun, cruise with the top down, reliable enough to commute some of the time. Not really looking to use it for performance.

Mods would be cobb tuning, exhaust, headers, intake plenum for better noise and about 10% increases in power/torque but also smoothing out the 3500-4000rpm dip for these cars. Also the experience of installing these would be awesome.

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