Well, here's the story of how my beloved '95 Taurus got wrecked. First some background info on it- It was a '95 Ford Taurus GL, powered by the taxi-durable 3.0 Vulcan. It was the 6th car I owned, and the only car I ever got for free. It was given to me by my aunt, and owned since new by my family. I was the 4th generation to own it. It was given to me because the water pump was busted on it, and I had just enrolled in the auto tech program at Brookdale Community College. My great grandpa bought it new in '94, and to this day is the best documented used car I ever had. I have the original dealer plaque plate, the window sticker, the build sheet, and the temp plate all sitting in my dresser drawer still. I used it as a beater/commuter, and I positively adored it. Anyway, one day, i was at a red light, and just happened to look up at the rearview mirror. I saw a ford edge, driver texting, doing about 50 mph barreling towards me, not even thinking about hitting the brakes. I looked over at my stepbrother, and said "this is gonna hurt". I tried to get out of the way to the side of the road. Next thing i know, we've connected and i'm cruising across the intersection. Here's the aftermath-


So yeah. My car was gone. The edge driver was completely apathetic, and after I got the report sorted out, the damn thing fired up and I was able to drive it home (i was less than a mile from my house) After less than a year of owning it, my favorite car I've owned to date was gone.