Is the 2nd generation Kia Sedona/Hyundai Entourage any good - in particular the 2007 model year?

Mrs. BaconSandwich and I are looking for an inexpensive family hauler. I spotted this one on Kijiji (similar to Craigslist, but more commonly used):

The price is definitely right, but how durable are these things? Think we’d get another 100,000 km out of it? I suppose a large part of it is how it has been maintained, which might be difficult to tell.

I do like the newer looking Sedonas, and they seem reasonably decent, but the prices are still too high for our liking.

EDIT: I should clarify - my first pick would be the Toyota Sienna, second would be the Honda Odyssey. Thing is, there’s a grand total of 2 Siennas for sale in the nearest 100 km. There’s a few more Odysseys for sale, and I do plan on checking them out, but they are at least double the price.