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My boss’s lease on his WRX is ending on Monday. He already bought a replacement, but wants a 2nd car to supplement a car that he can’t drive when it is wet or when the temperature is below 40 degrees. He has been looking at leasing something cheap, like a Civic Si, or buying something in the $10k range.

(Sidenote: apparently Si leases are cheap! Like $220/mo.)

He used to own a Sportwagen TDI and as the ex-dieselgate ones seem to be flooding the market at the moment, he was interested in picking one up. A tasty one showed up at the local dealer so he called. After confirming the still had the car he headed over, only to be told they’d actually sold it a couple days ago.


Par for the course for a VW dealer, so he moved on.

A week later (yesterday) they called him and let him know that actually the car was back on the market! The buyer “couldn’t get financing,” so they’re OK with selling it to him. He heads back over.

Turns out “couldn’t get financing” is dealer speak for “we backed it into a pole and the buyer refused delivery”. Also, upon closer inspection the front tires were baaaaaald. Ok, well body work is body work and tires are tires. He took it for a test drive anyway. Apparently on the first turn the brake pedal went to the almost to the floor and he very nearly wet himself.

He turned around, parked the car, and left.

Now we’re rethinking this whole thing because, as it turns out, all of these cars had been sitting for a good long while and that could cause problems. Further, in the time between the buyback being announced and the cars being bought back, it is unlikely the cars received any maintenance and also pretty likely they were abused.


Now he is rethinking the whole endeavor.

I hope he gets one, it’ll scratch my itch to buy one my proxy and that would be helpful for my wallet haha. Also I think working with someone who owns a manual diesel wagon will make me more Oppo, right?


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