If I want to wrap my car in matte black vinyl, or repaint my car a different color, do I have to tell the DMV?

Also, my uncle, who's mom (not my grandma) passed away yesterday. My uncle, who is also in the army is getting stationed in Germany (Landstuhl) was originally going to drive his old 1996ish camry up to NJ from Fort Sam Houston, to see us before meeting up with my aunt and cousins in Germany. He was going to give us his Camry, but now he's going to see the rest of his family and head straight to Germany. The Camry is going to be stuck in Texas. Now, he said we can have it, given that we go get it ourselves, and I thought that it would be a great experience for me, to do something I've always wanted to do, which is drive cross (or semi-cross) country during my summer break. My parents have said okay, but the Camry is not in the best condition. What are my chances of making it home safely and having the car not break down on me over a 2000 mile journey?