2WD on Demand

I’m scheming a bit lan to make my Xdrive have a Race Mode. 2wd, no abs, no traction control. All at the flip of one switch.many BMW owners myself included have had their stability control system fail entirely due to faulty wheel speed sensor. So basically I want to intentionally cause a fault.

My plan involves buying a wheel speed sensor, and hacking into it, putting a switch to disconnect the signal, or ground wire between the harness and the actual sensor. Thankfully the same sensor is used on nearly every BMW so the part is cheap.

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It seems the installation of the part is pretty straightforward as well, I think I’d just have the switch in the glove box so I don’t have to cut a hole for it anywhere. The intent being that everything would be reversible.


What say you Oppo? Am I a stupid madman, or a good madman.

Also on an unrelated note today I saw a Polaris Sligshot with a rook age/roof, with a bike, and cargo box mounted to it, and it was towing a tiny camper. It was wild.

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