We’ve had the 104 and 204 so as naturally as the following of day by night we find the 304. April is a good month for Peugeots as there’s a full suite of -04s.

The 304 was just like the 204 but more s0 - mechanically the same, same middle body section, new and longer front and rear, 504 lookalike styling.

The eagle eyed will spot that one, and only one, of these is US spec.

Which one?



Top trivia: 1,178,432 304s were made. Of these, 1,178,432 had a four speed manual.

More trivia: the lhd ones had rhd wipers.

Even more: only a small percentage of 304s were coupés and and an even smaller percentage were convertibles but they’re much more likely to have survived.