Yes, another Peugeot.

To design the 304, Peugeot practised a bit of recycling. They took the 204, grafted on a longer front and rear, incorporated headlights similar to the new and successful 504 to add a touch of perceived class and they were done.

Not just a four door of course (this is an original one from Malta in 2011). The 304 had the same choices as the 204, like this:


Interestingly the 204 van stayed in production for years after the 304 arrived and the changeover only took place a few years before the demise of the 304.


The coupé and cabrio kept the 204 rear and are proportionally much more likely to have survived - of the 800 odd sold in the UK something like 150 are thought to be still around.

In a reversal of what was a trend at the time, all models had rhd wipers.