Today’s Peugeot is of course the 305 which replaced the 304 in 1977 and was partially based on it, starting out with the same engines and gearboxes. Note the three stud wheels which were quite a thing then among French makers.

In 1982 it got a major makeover with changes to the front end allowing the fitting of a conventional drivetrain with an end on gearbox. Peugeot were now able to fit five speed boxes and their new XU engine range, the diesel version of which had an excellent reputation. Also available for the first time on a Peugeot of this size was an automatic box.


The eagle eyed will spot that rhd ones now had their wipers sorted out too.

We can see that the new model was quite reminiscent of the 505 from some angles, particularly the little rear spoiler and the alloys.


Four doors not right for you? You could have had an estate and a van, production of the latter continuing on for a few years after the car had been replaced by the bigger 405.


All of these boring? Peugeot had a plan to build a Group B rally car from the 305.

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