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3 Cylinders of fury!

So my 135i is still getting assessed by the panel shop, but I have this as a loaner now for the few months it may take to get fixed. It’s an F20 118i!

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Literally half the engine of my n54 - its 3 cylinders with 1 turbo making 134hP (as opposed to 6 cylinders, 2 turbos and ~450hp), but loads of low-down torque and a smooth 8-speed auto. Seriously zippy around traffic, and genuinely fun combo with rwd and skinny tires. The interior is loaded too with latest Idrive, nav, leather etc. For me, it’s more fun to drive than the Toyoburu twins and more comfortable for a daily. I think the fact that there is almost no weight over the front helps a lot.

This is the cheapest BMW we get down-under. But remember that the golf GTI is the exact same price...


Although I feel sorry for anyone that owns this after warranty.

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