3 needs, how many cars? How would OPPO do it?

Rght now, I have two cars. New, safe boring commuter, beater truck for house stuff. No fun car. 2 kids. How do I do this?

Option 1: 3 cars. Beater truck, cheap commuter, miatia (or similar).

Problems: wife’s car in the driveway, that puts 3 on the street. At some point, I’ll have a kid or two in a older, cheaper, less safe car.


Option 2: Nice truck, Miata.

Problems: eliminates kids in old beater commuter, but now I’m commuting in a truck. RIP gas bills, parking, etc.


Option 3: keep truck I got, get new focus st, which are cheap right now.

Problem: is the st really the fun car I want? Don’t know. Will it autocrossing?

What’s OPPOs approach?


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