As of late there have been a lot of schmucks (including this drivel) being debbie downers about Lincoln and the future of the company. The fact is, though, they couldn't be in a better spot to surprise us all with fantastic cars that we all want. Here are just three things that will make them lustworthy once again:

1. Great products now.

Take a look at the Lincoln MKS.

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It's big, bold, slab sided, and kinda intimidating. It has everything that made the 1963 lincoln Continental so cool. But then there is more to it than just looks and how big this car is.

Lets be honest here, the main competitor of this car wouldnt be an S-Class Mercedes, an A8 Audi, or a big BMW 7 series. That buyer is not who this car is intended for. This twin turbo v6 shares the market with the likes of the Audi a6, Mercedes E class, and the Cadillac XTS. Comparing apples to apples the lincoln comes out on top, with more power and more torque by quite a margin. But as I don't have any idea what the power curves are we will just have to use the 0-60: 5.6 sec; 1/4 mile: 14.0 sec of the MKS ECOBOOST vs the most powerful contender. The A6 with the supercharged 3 liter does 0-60 just .3 seconds faster at 5.3 seconds and the 1/4 mile in 13.8 seconds. This is all because the Lincoln is heavy. 300 pounds heavier than the audi counterpart.


And that may not be so bad. Remember, now, it is a luxury car and having a car that feels like it is hewn out of lead matters to that demographic of mid size luxury buyers. They might also see a .3 second difference in 0-60 times as insignificant. Then there is the price which under cuts the competition by anywhere from 10 to 20 grand! I'm no genius but that is a detail that can't be ignored.

And that pattern seems to be prevalent throughout their entire lineup. Its one of those things that make you go "HMMM" inquisitively.

2. Great Products Later. recently had an article about Lincoln's planned product blitz.


It said very little aside from quoting the Global Head Of Marketing, Matt VanDyke, as saying "We won't rule out anything."

Let that sink in for a bit. Cool new rear drive Mustang? Yup, that could become a Lincoln. Aluminum body technologies pulled from the F-150? Well the MKS could lose a few pounds if we are honest. Lincoln MKZ Energi Plug in Hybrid with the twin turbo direct injection V8 Voodoo motor?!?! Realistically no, but it is not off the table. The potential for really, really, really cool platforms is coming soon if not already in development.

They also have current platforms they can toy with as well. For instance Ford recently trotted out the Fusion light which changes up a current platform quite drastically without changing much else visually.


These chassis are designed to be modular, to be shrunk, to be stretched, etc, etc. The possibilities are limitless. We may just get that RWD Continental based off of the Mustang that everyone has been wet dreaming of.

3. Fixing the broken

But then we get to Ford's "Thorn in the Flesh" as it were. What is the thing that people complain most about with Ford's new upscale cars? MYFORD and MYLINCOLN touch units with Sync. The amount of people saying sync sucks have reached absurd levels that people are calling ford out of touch in how they handle it.


Personally I loved MyFord touch and never had any issues with it but the people have spoken. So what is it that the people want? According to many it's what they already have. Their phone. Their iPhone to be more precise.

Ford Is going to bring your iPhone to the dash of your new Lincoln via Apple's CarPlay.


This should allow application designers to be able to make apps for your car as well. Whether that is a good thing or not is another discussion entirely but it gives the masses what they want.

And what they might want next is a New Lincoln.