3 Row SUV's?

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So I need to consult Oppo on a car purchase. I’m looking to purchase a 3 row SUV with a 5,000lb tow rating. We’re aiming to buy used, preferably under 40k miles and newer, 2017 or newer.


The hope is to purchase for $25k or less, however with the perfect package and correct options we’d consider bumping up to $30k.

Needs: AWD, 6-7 seats, 5k tow rating, automatic headlights (nice feature honestly)


Wants: key-less entry/start, sun roof, remote start

Fringe wants - lane keep assist, blind spot monitoring

No pickups / minivans, don’t want to go full size truck.

Our choices seem to be - Explorer, Durango, Traverse, Atlas, Highlander, Santa Fe, Sorrento, Pilot, Pathfinder, Ascent (I’ve heard the CVT can’t really keep up with towing though).


Anything I may be missing as an option? Any opinions on reliability or experiences with a specific model?

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