So it’s been 3 weeks since I acquired my 430xiGC. The car has been the perfect daily so far, and I’m going to discuss some of the attributes below:

Engine - 9/10 - The B48 was introduced to BMW last year in the 2016 X1 and spread to the rest of the lineup for 2017. It represents a major upgrade over the old N20/N26 pair that it replaces. It sounds more like an engine and less like a speed metal concert, and is setup to rely less on the turbo at low RPMs. I would give the engine a 10/10 except that BMW has very obviously tuned the engine to limit it’s output at high RPMs. Once you reach a certain threshold the car does not continue to build power. The turbo does not run out of the breath as a smaller turbo does, it just obviously hits a certain point that it is not allowed to go past. The feeling is not unlike when you hit BMWs speed limiter.

Chassis - 8/10 - The chassis is solid and never exhibits any shakiness. It’s confidence-inspiring while still being lively and fun to drive. Many recent reviews have claimed that the F-series chassis has taken some road feel out of the equation. I agree to an extant, however the car still willingly communicates your path to you continuously. Do you feel every pebble under the front tires? No. However in a daily driver that’s not always a bad thing. The chassis clearly broadcasts its limits without becoming a chore on public roads.

Interior - 10/10 - I have a sport-line, which gives you the sport seats and some upgraded stitching in the cabin. Beyond that, it’s standard BMW fare. You get iDrive, which has made leaps and bounds in recent years and has become truly intuitive, and hard keys for HVAC and radio. A place for everything and everything in its place.


Technology - 9/10 - What can I say, it’s a BMW. The 4-Series GC comes from the factory equipped with Adaptive (swiveling) Xenon headlights, Bluetooth for calls and music, and Sport Seats with adjustable bolstering and thigh support. Mine also has the Premium Package (comfort access, satellite radio, and 4-way lumbar support (which I don’t use)), the Cold Weather Package (heated seats front and rear and heated steering wheel), Driver’s Assist Package (park sensors and backup camera), and Navigation with a touch-capacitive iDrive knob for putting in destinations. Long story short, this thing has a lot of stuff that I DID NOT have in the Beetle. The only demerit is that it does not always play nice with my Android phone. It has CarPlay, and I’ll probably be switching over soon to get everything working together properly.

Utility - 10/10 - I was able to fit all of my stock parts from the Beetle in the car at once. That includes a full intake airbox assembly, wheels and tires, and some other odds and ends. I have been really impressed with the utility every time I use the car to carry something. Liftbacks4Lyfe yo. Also, it’s got sweet storage under the floor in the back. Like enough to take an emergency shovel head and full size ice scraper/brush combo, and various odds and ends packed in and around those.

So yeah. The car is awesome. And I’m mad Dinah hasn’t released their tune. Because I’m positive this turbo is good for over 325 ponies...