So our daughter is turing 2 next month and I’m happy to see that even without much encouragement from me she definitely loves playing with toy cars and pushing them around (she even thinks this dollhouse crib she has is a car because it has 4 wheels and puts her animals in it and goes vroom vroom around the room!).

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We are considering getting her a tricycle for her birthday - every time we ask if she wants a “bike” she gives a very enthusiastic YES!

Many of you being parents, do you have recommendations or suggestions on tricycle options?


We had 3 contenders -

Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer & Stroll

Schwinn Easy Steer Tricycle

SmarTrike Breeze

We’ve written off the Radio Flyer - while it looks retro and cool it has hard plastic wheels (the others are made of EVA) , which makes it a big no for me. On top of that the other two have seat belts (not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, but at least its an option). All have that handle/steer thing for while she’s still learning to use it which we also like.


Think we’re leaning towards the SmarTrike as the Schwinn seems bigger and reviewers seem to say its built pretty crappily.

Folks on here have any experience with these models? Or any other trikes (that are reasonably priced) that you swear by instead?



EDIT: Appreciate all the balance bike suggestions. That’s definitely part of the plan - we view the trike as a stepping stone towards manned vehicles before we get her in a balance bike (which at some point we view her using either/or depending on what we’re doing/where we are).

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