On that day nothing much happened..

Anheuser-Busch began test marketing of its lower calorie beer, Bud Light, which was then introduced nationwide in the summer of 1982.


There was a general election in South Africa, only white people were allowed to vote (yes, just 34 years ago fascism was still going strong in South Africa), and not surprisingly the highly racist National Party won.

Other cool stuff about 30/4.. well.

King Carl XVI Gustaf was born on that date in 1946.

Hitler died on that date in 1945.

Oh.. yeah.. I was born on that date.. yup, in 1981.

So yeah..

I think it’s kinda cool that I can celebrate both my birthday AND Hitlers death at the same day, and that 30/4 is an official flag day in Sweden.


Well, I’m off having a birthday dinner and meeting some old friends.. cyal8r fuckers ;)

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