So I’m three months and 2700 miles into my 2018 Ford Fiesta. Not the racecar Fiesta, the one-step above base Fiesta. I love it, I hate it. Here’s a brief bullet pointed review:


· I love four door hatches, always have, this one looks pretty good.

· The infotainment system, with it’s 3x5, non-touchscreen basicness, is still super easy to use.


· Gets around 39mpg on the highway

· Steering and chassis are pretty tight


· It’s so freaking small, no trunk space, backseat is negligible with adults in the front seats.

· Gets like 25mpg in the city, which is less than my wife’s 2016 Sonata… Honestly, we just came back from a 2200 mile roadtrip, and her Sonata averaged 35mpg at an average speed of 85mph, so I’m pretty disappointed that my Fiesta only beats that by 4mpg at an average speed of 70 or so.

· The DCT transmission sucks balls. This thing bogs off the line half the time, revs hard and shifts hard randomly (I know, it’s a known issue with these cars, but the price was right and we got a ridiculously good warranty for an extra $550). We’ll see how it lasts, I guess...


Overall, it’s exactly what I would expect for a basic little commuter car. It’s pretty efficient, I don’t mind spending time in it, it does exactly what I need a commuter ride to do and with the lower miles I’m expecting to put on it (10K/year or so), it should last me far past the loan pay off date. That said, I’m really wishing I’d have gone with the Hyundai Elantra or a Kona in the similar price range. I didn’t buy this car for anything remotely resembling fun or driving pleasure, it’s just a tool. It has enabled me to park the K5 and start working on that build so that my son can drive a badass truck to school when he turns 16 in two years.


Ask me anything if you want to know something…

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