It is official, my trip that I am planning at the end of the month from NJ to FL and back is a go! Now, its definitely not going to be one of those straight shot, 16 hour each way ride down 95. I have about 9-10 days total for the trip so I will be sure to enjoy my way there and back. See below for my maps of the journey that I have put together so far!

Trip South

Trip North (as accurate as I could get it in google maps)


Overall Trip (not very accurate, but gives an overall image)


So in total it is just over 3100 miles. On average in terms of driving days only, it is around 7 hours of driving each day (little more on some and less on others). That is more than doable especially since I have things planned to do along the way to get out and hike a little bit. Notable roads I plan to hit include Skyline drive (VA), Hwy 165 (TN), Tail of the dragon 129 (NC-TN), HWY 441 (TN), and Blue Ridge Parkway (TN-NC-VA). Plans are still flexible right now since I havent booked any of the lodging going north yet. If any oppos are along the way going north, or would like to join for parts of the drive, let me know!

Car: 2001 Mazda miata with 131k miles and a luggage rack. Should be great!