$300K. One Supercar. What are you getting?

You just got three-hundred thousand dollars. Got wicked lucky on a scratch ticket. Second grandfather twice removed entitled you to the money in his will. Find it with a metal detector on the beach. I dunno. But what I do know is that you need a supercar. Which one?

I think there’s a strong case for the GT2 RS. The swan song of the 997 911 (ignoring the half-million dollar 4.0), this carbon-hooded machine aggressively put out 611 hp from some beasty turbos. Ya, it’s extremely fast, and scary, and limited-edition-ey. But something else:

The GT2 RS is the last manual Porsche supercar ever made.

Or pretty likely, all considered. It is the newest truly old-school high-performance car, and that is something to be celebrated. And for $300K, I don’t think anything else could beat that.


But that’s me, what would you get with $300k?

BONUS: GT2 RS blasting through the hills above Monaco:

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