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BMW never made something as small and mean as a 315, did they?

Oh, but they did. They did it twice, and before that they had a 3/15.

Here’s the prewar (WW2, for the benefit of the children) 315.


The six cylinder engine (yes, a 1.5 six) produced 40 bhp in the sporting 315/1 which mightn’t sound much but it only had about 750 kg to deal with in roadster form so quite a brisk little car for eighty years ago.


Here’s the postwar one.


Actually the same 1.6 four as the earlier 316 (as opposed to the contemporary one which had a 1.8) but with just 74 bhp. Like the 316 and 318 it had single headlights to tell everyone one you couldn’t afford the 320.

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