Hi Opps,

i'm 22 and am bored of my current car (2011 Sonata) and wanted to get something more exciting but at the same time classy enough to take the car to a client meeting if needed. i have a well paying steady job but rather save up and buy a house in the next year than a brand new car.

I'v been on craigslist OC/LA and saw a couple of 2008 528 sports/prem package that i like with 50-60k miles asking for around 17-18k. i dont want to deal with a high maintenance car or one that will cost a lot to maintain. Anyone have any experience on this car?

The biggest question i have is, I know people roll back miles on these cars all the time. is there any way to check and verify they are not rolled back?

Anything else i should be looking out for or any other cars i should consider?