I’ve been test-driving all the usual under-$40k rear-drive cars over the last year or so. My favorite so far is the S2000 followed by the ND and Mazdaspeed Miatas, but recently I realized that I am unfairly prejudiced for some reason against the 370Z, and ought to at least check it out - so I have a test-drive scheduled for tomorrow.

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It’s heavier and larger than the venerable roadsters, but lighter and much smaller of footprint than the EcoBoost Mustang I tried, which is my benchmark for “way too big.” The Sport trim and up have a viscous LSD and upgrades to brakes and some other items.

Do we have any 370Z folks here? I have had a hard time finding reviews of the latest Z from many of my usual sources; it feels like it has less cred or something than the others (S2K, Miata, MR2, GT86) and so there’s less coverage. Here are a couple that I did find!

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