The conductor of the local wind symphony I play for is retiring from his university post after 39 years. This past symphony cycle (this week), tickets for his retirement dinner were hawked at most of the rehearsals (and over email the week prior).

Starting to think I was the only symphony member to buy one. So far, everyone else seems to be current college students (I didn’t even attend this school!), or current professors here. I mean, seriously, I’ve been a member of this ensemble for eight years. There are players in the group who are 20 year vets, and somehow I am the only one representing?

What table do I sit at? Do I sit down with the 20 year olds (OF WHOM SOME WERE LITERALLY MY OWN MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS JUST A DECADE AGO...not weird at all), or with a bunch of 50-somethings who generally sneer at me under their breath for being an alumnus of the rival university?

Maybe I should have gone to see Civil War instead.