...Let’s see if it pays off for them.

I came across this gem on my local Craigslist and since I had nothing better to do on a Sunday morning I felt I should share. The ad has been up for 24 days and I have a feeling I know why.

Let’s start with the most outlandish claim,

38 MPG - Come again? Yes, the seller is claiming this car with an engine designed before 2000 with a 4-speed auto and more than 100k miles of wear is getting 38 highway mpg. If you look at the “key features and facts” we see it even gets 31 city! That is the same as a class leading 2015 Mazda3! This must have been one of those cars clickbate websites tell us the government and oil companies had banned for being TOO fuel efficient.


Here are the fueleconomy.gov ratings, even the old system ratings are far from the claims. Plus I have a feeling that the drag from the Special Edition spoiler give it even worse mpg than the stock 1.8 S.

Now you could say “maybe they are actually getting that kind of mpg” and I would agree and say it’s possible, but we know this car doesn’t have a visible dash screen constantly reading out average mpg and I would bet this owner isn’t frequently figuring out their mpg with a pen and paper.


But on to some other claims,

Remote starter - I have no doubts this is true. Certainly possible to do with not a lot of money or even know how. But the next two claims make me question it a little.

Heated driver seat - I found this one hard to believe considering A/C, ABS, and other common amenities for the time were optional extras on base model B15 Sentras. Specs on older model cars are getting even harder to find and especially specs on special edition packages and trims but a website called Nissanhelp.com seems to have a pretty accurate listing of all Nissan model specs. You guys can check it out if you want, but according to that page, neither the 1.8S Special Edition or even the top trim 2.5 SE-R Spec V came with heated seats in 2005. Advertising abnormally high mpg is one thing because it can’t be easy to check, but why lie about a feature you can easily check for?


Then HID headlights - 2015 Sentras don’t even have HID bulbs, they are still halogens with “LED accents”. I’ve read threads about people finding ways to install HID bulbs in halogen sockets but it is a turrible turrible idea and again doubt it has been done to this one.

Maybe I have just turned into a cynical pompous ass, but this scheisse annoys the hell out of me. I have half a mind to go look at the car and mess with the seller.