So I haven’t had too much time to dedicate to getting the windows to work. Its 80F outside right now and I wish I could be topless.

Found out that my problem isn’t the switches, its deeper, there is no power to them. The ground wires are fine, but nothing from the hot stuff. No power at either end of the fusees either.

Next is looking at the relays, but from my limited understanding I thought relays sit after a switch, not before. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Also the car is long in the tooth at 187k on the clock.. Not bad for an 82 I guess, but not entirely collector worthy, which means the resale value I had in my head needs to be adjusted. Interior wise: the seats are mint, but the dash is cracked, its got one of those carpet covers for that though, same color as the interior too.

The saga continues..