The countdown has reached 12 days until my wife is supposed to push out our first kid, Sebastian. So when she asks me to go pick up lunch, I do so gladly.

What’s great is that we’ve had unseasonably good weather here in Rhode Island, so lunch run means Mustang Time!

My Mustang doesn’t have a lot of things. It doesn’t have A/C, power windows or doesn’t have a headliner, actually. But what I do have is a bitchin heater, so the nearly freezing temperatures aren’t a problem as long as it’s dry, because drag radials.


Oh hey, four eyes.

Also, if you find yourself in Rhode Island, make sure to visit Mirrabella’s. The meatballs are basically the best meatballs there are anywhere...the owner grew up on Federal Hill in Providence, which is one of the top spots for Italian food in the country. Can't recommend it highly enough.