After IndyCar has been confirmed through 2018 to be the main attraction at one of the most prestigious street races in the world - followed by a pseudo-bidding war with F1 -, American open-wheel racing returns for another round to the west coast city of Long Beach this weekend.

Although IndyCar and CART/Champ Car have been the longest dwellers of the event - and some wish it may be so till the end of time -, it is undeniable that F1 raised its initial fame to super-stardom, only to become the highest valued street racing event west of Monaco. No wonder F1 tries to reclaim it back.


Of course, F1 wrongly thinks about itself being Genesis, as it is just another dweller. One easily forgets that the true originator of the event is the long-dead but otherwise excellent Formula 5000 series. In 1975, these open-wheel muscle cars first raced down towards Queen Mary straight into history. Luckily, some amateur footage was spared for us to enjoy the trip down on Memory Lane.

What racing series - other than the current ones - would you like to see next to IndyCar to take the streets of LB?

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