On June 4th, 2015 I sold my 1994 Honda Accord EX (cd7) and bought my 2002 Honda S2000. Since then I have unfortunately found minor dings where other people have let their car doors open into my car, and two small scuff marks on my rear bumper from people not being able to parallel park.

Those door dings and paint scuffs, while infuriating, are thankfully the only issues that I have had with street parking my car for the last 390 days.

Then, yesterday, after three hundred ninety days of ownership, it happened. Someone drove into my car.


I was following a 2013 Subaru Forester through a parking lot looking for a spot when the driver came to a stop, and so did I. After waiting for about five seconds, she shifted into reverse and proceeded to back that thang up directly in and onto my front bumper.


Thankfully no one was hurt and the cars were able to still be driven. We exchanged information and she took responsibility for the crash, but what irritates me is that she said “I didn’t see you.” I wanted to call her out for just saying that she went to reverse into a parking spot without checking any of her mirrors, and her reverse camera, and not hearing me honking at her before she hit me, but I didn’t. I am also thankful that her insurance found her at fault instead of saying “¯\_(ツ)_/¯.”


Circled in red is her reverse camera.

I wanted to do an ask me anything of sorts about 3 weeks after owning my S2000 for one full year but forgot.