Eric Harrell is a died in the wool gearhead. He loves cars and while rebuilding a Toyota 22RE he decided that he wanted a model of it as well. So he broke out his computer and began to 3D model the engine. Once completed he printed it out on his 3D printer. He didn’t stop there. He has also created an LS3, an EJ20, fully working 4WD Toyota transfer cases, 3rd members, axle housings, jack stands, engine stands, and a low range transfer case.

What he has done is really pretty special. The engines are running models, and can be printed on just about any 3D printer available. The best part is that he has made all these models available for anyone to download and print on Thingiverse for free!


Each engine is 1/3 scale and would make a great addition to anyone’s garage, office, living room, bedroom, bathroom, really anywhere you need a working model of an engine.

He has not released the flathead V8 model yet but that is coming soon to Thingiverse and he hopes to make a 2 rotor in the future.

I can’t wait to see what he comes out with. I know I personally would love to see a BMW S14 or maybe a model of something exotic like the Ferrari Boxer 12 or the Lamborghini V10 from the Huracan.

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