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3rd gen Integra review: No one was asking for it, but the mods will beat me up with a pillow case full of soap bars if I make another shitpost.

Rule of thirds. Fail or Win? YOU DECIDE!
Rule of thirds. Fail or Win? YOU DECIDE!

So here’s my review after...... eh like 6 months of ownership? But like over 4 or 5k miles, so I’ve had some time with it. Let’s do this!!! (And yes, it’s stock)


I’ve decided to split this review up into three categories which will then be sub-divided an arbitrary amount of times. The prime categories performance, comfort, and practicality.

(Full disclosure. Alcoholic beverages were consumed in the typing of this review. But thanks to the power of the grammar god’s red squiggly line you’d probably not be able to tell.)



Because saving the best for last is DUUUUUUUMB!!!


Ok. I’m the last person to objectively judge this because this is the fastest car I’ve ever owned and only the second most powerful. The most powerful being a Ford Ranger which beat it by less than 10hp. But it had the Vulcan V6 that wanted to kill itself before revving over 4k rpms, so it’s a wash.

As you can imagine all the power’s in the top end. It doesn’t have V-TEC, but you still drive it the same. Below 4k you might as well have a 1.5 D series. When you get to 4k you’ll notice it’s quick, but not fast. What’s the difference? I can merge, safely, onto the highway without keeping it in third (Like my old D series Civic >_>) but I probably can’t beat any cars made after 2005 in a drag race. I’ll leave it at that.


The whole point.


I’ve ranted about this on a few other occasions. If you’ve seen those just go ahead and scroll down.


It’s excellent and the sole reason I hope to keep this car for the rest of my life. Obviously it’s responsive. Do that “turn the wheel a little bit” Mr. Regular does in his videos and you’ll be swerving like a drunk driver. The feel is terrific and what really sells me on it. Well not just the steering feel, but the overall feel of the car. True story. I was non-nonchalantly driving somewhere when I nearly miss the gravel parking lot for it. (Keep in mind apart from the Ranger I mentioned earlier I’ve never owned a RWD car.) So I turn in at about 25 mph and guess what? I start counter steering before I even consciously realized I was oversteering. I was so happy with myself, but no pics so it didn’t happen. That’s the real reason why you need to get a dashcam. Also I’m the JDM god of drifting. Because I drifted a FWD car without trying.

But on a more serious note it’s fantastic. The steering very clearly tells you how much grip you have left at the front wheels so you can slowly and cautiously approach the limit. Plus it’s extremely precise and accurate as mentioned before. I’m sure plenty of other sports cars are as well, but this is the first one I’ve driven so it’s blow’in me mind.


Not only that, but the suspension is setup pretty well. It’s the LS model (GS-R being the V-TECy semi-racecar one) so the suspension is a wee bit softer, especially the rear anti-roll bar. However it’s still good enough that mild trail braking will reward you with good rotation in the corners and with plenty of grip left in the front for safety and/or emergency maneuvers. There’s lots of room to stiffen it up while being street able but as it’s my only car, and I acknowledge I’m no Senna, Ima leave it stock for now and maybe always. I’ll go ruin a Miata or something for trackdays, plus I’ll be able to fit in with all the cool oppos ^_^

Of Highways

I didn’t really know whether to put this under comfort or performance so I’ll just make it’s own little section.


It’s bad. On my way from WA to TX, while I was still in the great PNW, the spray from passing semis (I’ll explain that in a bit) is enough to batter the car around in the lane and make the steering wheel get frighteningly light to the point you wonder if the front wheels are touching the ground (Contributing to this also was the fully loaded hatch. As you can see in the top pic the rear suspension is lower due to the weight.)

That being said. On the highways the precise and responsive steering certainly works against you. Once you get going above 80 mph you’ll be sawing at the wheel like a real racecar driver if you’re on anything but smooth glass. (Once again the loaded rear end probably contributed) and the steering wheel does get light to the point you wonder if it’s doing anything.


Okay, but why were you getting passed by semis earlier? You say.

Well it’s a 5 spd and makes 140hp. In 5th gear at a little over 4k rpm you’ll be doing 80 mph. Apart from the twitchy steering I mentioned. It’ll also be quite noisy. Remember it’s a dolled up Civic that’s old enough to legally drink alcohol. Between the engine and road noise you won’t be able to hear anything on the stereo.


Oh boo hoo!

Yeah it was a 3,000mi trip. So yeah, I’ll go 70 so I can listen to Bill Burr and Joe Rogan thank you very much.


One last thing. It also gets buffeted pretty hard in the middle of nowhere by the wind. So keep that in mind as well if you want one as a grand touring car.


Not bad. It’s a lift back not a hatch so you don’t really get any extra storage space. But you get a nice opening to fit things through. However, as you can see in the pic, the suspension isn’t optimized for payload. That’s the result of two duffel bags and a laundry bag in the hatch and some random bullshit in the backseat that probably weighs less than a single adult. The front seats are OK for adults over 6 feet and the backseats are good for emergencies only really. It’s a pain in the ass just throwing things bigger than a paperweight back there tbh.


However it does get decent gas mileage. Fully laden the, grotesque example of American excess, 1.8L engine chugged it down the highway averaging over 30 mpg. Including taking twisty and curvy back roads without going above third gear. So not bad.


Cruise control, A/C, and a sunroof.

Plus a little lever, on the side of the drivers seat, that the more you push it the more the seat pushes into your lower back. It’s actually pretty nice on long trips.


Song for your time and a penny for your thoughts. $0.01

Also. Mega FUCK YOU Kinja. I wrote this whole thing. Scroll to the bottom and the publish button isn’t there. But I copy and pasted the text, so it’s all good. But serious Kinja’d though.

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