3rd party warrantyou pt1

Ok so I see a lot of posts asking about 3rd party warrantis and if they are worth buying or if they even work. So I figured I’d chronicle my experience for you all.

First the back story. In may of 2016 I bought a rental spec 2009 mocha bronze Chevy Buffalo.. I mean Impala. The Buick dealer I bought from offered an aftermarket warranty form “The mechanic” in various levels and time/milage combination. I settled for “silver” with a 36month or 36000 miles coverage window. It cost me $1800 plus tax.


Any ways today I had the tire noise I previously posted in regards too investigated. Turns out I was right its the front wheel bearing. Before I decided to go a head and call my mechanic I wanted to review the policy and I couldn’t be happier that it covers just that.

So now tomorrow I get to call my mechanic and make my first warranty claim! I couldnt be more excited and I will keep you all posted.

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