Video for reference, didn’t happen to me but when this guy takes off (not the initial neutral rev) is what it looked like. If the guy actually did to me what he did to this Miata I would have seriously lost it. Since I live in Nevada he probably would have shot me.

So there is this white dodge that rolled coal on me on acceleration TWICE out of my HOA. I actually later caught up with the guy asking him WTF his problem was and he apologized. So I what like whatever, don’t care.

Now a third time it happened with a different vehicle going to work this morning. I wasn’t mad at first but the more i drove the more pissed I was getting.

I don’t care if you run a test pipe, I don’t really care about pollution. What I care about is someone spraying ink on me like a squid or some asshole disrespecting me and everyone else on the road with that toothless redneck lifted truck mall crawler. May as well spit in my face.

This wasn’t just regular diesel exhaust too, I get it that diesels will always have some soot. It was flat out set up like in that video.


I am seriously considering a dash cam now so I can record videos of this and send them to the EPA. The fines are HEAFTY but I want to make SURE I have proof so these fucks can’t get out of it.