4:00 AM Movie Review/Shitpost

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Fiat for your time.

If I had to rank all of the Marvel movies I’ve seen, I’d go (spoliers ahead):

1. Guardians of the Galaxy.

2. Guardians 2

3. Winter Soldier

4. Iron Man 3- I might get flamed for this, but I thought it was better than the other two. Granted, it benefited from having the characters established, but the villains were better and it showed Tony Stark didn’t need the suit to be a competent hero.


5. Spiderman: Homecoming- surprisingly funny, but The Vulture really carried this one for me. I thought the love arc was cheesy and pointless and until I saw were it led.

6. Iron Man

7. The first Captain America

8. Thor: Dark World- the dark elves were some fucking sad villains; they only destroyed like a city block and Thor basically took them out single handedly. I mean, how did it take all of Asgard the first time? And if they’re such a threat, why doesn’t any one else pitch in? However, the scene where Loki briefly impersonates Captain America was hilarious.


9. Iron Man 2- it’s Iron Man, but with a Russian stereotype and a douchebag CEO.

10. Thor

11. The first Avengers movie

I still have to see Civil War, Dr. Strange, Age of Ultron, and Ant Man. All of the movies have a good sense of humor and just aren’t purely action, a good thing IMO.


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