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It’s 4/04!

Unless you live in the red bit here of course in which case it’s...actually it’s also 4/04.


So we can all agree that today is the day to celebrate the Peugeot 404.

Pic by the author

The 404 was designed, like many other Peugeots up to the 2000s, by Pininfarina and was introduced in 1960. It was RWD with a 1.6 litre four and column change for its four gears. Note the absence of quarterlights, unusual at the time.

In 1961 the convertible was announced with the coupé following the following year. Both of these were made by Pininfarina in Italy.


Initially fitted with the same engine as the four door models, the coupé and convertible were later made available with fuel injection, quite a thing at the time.

1962 also saw the arrival of the Break with seven seat and commercial options.


From 1963 the four door could be got with injection.

A 1.9 diesel was added to the range in 1964 and from 1966 a three speed ZF automatic box was sold. Peugeot continued to use ZF boxes until after they dropped RWD.


In later years the 404 began to rather diminish, with production of the coupé and convertible ceasing in 1968 and the injected engine being dropped in 1969. Production of the 404 in France stopped in 1975 as the 304 and 504 became more popular but it continued until 1980 in Argentina and until 1991 in Kenya.

Developing countries as we are now pleased to call them liked the pick up.


All told nearly 2.9m 404s were made. The coupé and convertible only made up 17,223 but as of yesterday 2,022 of these were still around

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