Welp, we moved back into my house this weekend. I should say, we mostly moved back in. We’re about 90% there and I was never so happy to have a weekend end and go back to work. My wife is hiring a specialist from in front of Home Depot to help finish. My God, there simply isn’t enough Advil in the world right now. The only thing that doesn’t hurt is my left hand ... and that’s because I’ve lost most of the feeling in it. I’m never doing this again. The next time I move out of my house, they will be carrying me out feet first.

It was great living in the house we rented for two years. I mean, the view was breathtaking. When I was working from home our first year there, I got into ship spotting since we could see everything coming into and out of San Diego Bay from the place. Even though I’ll miss the view, and to a lesser extent, all the extra room the huge place afforded, I am really glad to be back in our house. It’s home to me and I love the fact that we can walk to Liberty Station and all the awesomeness that is there, especially all the cool restaurants like Stone Brewing’s place. I guess that’s the difference between a house and a home.

How was you weekend?