We’ve had the Peugeot 205 and 305 so now we’re led chronologically to the 405 which despite its name and despite being a bigger car is regarded as replacing the 305. Like the 305 it was a three-box design with a variety of petrol engines and early versions of Peugeot’s XUD diesel. These were available without a turbo giving (a) not much power and (b) not much to go wrong.

Not so exciting then, so Peugeot came up with the “Mi Seize”, the Mi 16 which had a 1.9 litre, 16 valve, injected four with 160 bhp which was quite a thing at the time.

If you wanted to pay more you could have the 405 Mi 16x4 with 4wd.

The Mi 16 was one of the last Peugeots to be sold in North America so here we have:

A US spec Mi 16


And an Mi 16x4

And the 4wd gubbins


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