4/05 (enweirdened)

This is a Peugeot 405.

This isn’t. It’s a Hillman Hunter, a similarly sized but rwd car made in the UK by the Rootes group, later Chrysler UK. Exotically, that’s a Lancia Beta behind it. Not many of those left. The white car to our right is a Triumph Stag.


This isn’t quite a Hunter. It’s a Paykan, a licence built version from Iran. Note the funny numbers, which are Arabic. Oddly our numbers are called Arabic too.

The Iranians wanted to update the ancient Paykan but wouldn’t rise to an actual new model as they wanted something cheap.


Enter a touch of Frankenstein in the form of the Peugeot ROA.


Looks just like a 405. Nothing to see here. Nothing like the Paykan either.

But what’s this?


It’s a longitudinal engine. But the 405 was fwd. What on earth?

The ROA is the body of an unsuspecting 405 glued on to the running gear of a Paykan. It was made until 2011. Interestingly, the Iranians still make a version of the actual, fwd 405 as the Peugeot Pars.

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