4-1-1 on the 9-1-1

I shall continue to call it a 911 until someone tells me not to.

the old OEM base AF radio

eBay seller was very meh, much to my surprise the new radio actually arrived last week! Seller didn’t include the antenna adapter so it is in place without the plastic fully around the radio as I’ll be pulling it back out to finish the job soon. Replacing the radio was a dream! I’m also pleasantly surprised with how responsive the screen is and just generally how well everything works on it.

new radio is OEM in the Asian Market - RCD330G plus

I cracked my phone over this next thing. Open to feedback on if it was worth it.

no tips

Truly, my leather case was jacked and I’ve been living on the edge for a month plus with no phone case. It took a nice fall from my shorts pocket to the garage concrete. The bug however looks snazzier than ever...right?

slip on tips

Picked the tips up for super cheap on ebay. They just slide on so I question their longevity. We shall see. For the moment though, it’s a much nicer look.

Next up is probably wheels, found some heritage ones for sale locally - unless I find something else that would be nice.
Goal look would probably be this - yes that is just a stock blue 911.


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