Thanks Flickr!

The VW Transporter has gone through 270,000 km and needs another set of timing belts. The 2.5L 5 cylinder TDi engine has belts on both ends - one end for the cams and the other for the fuel pump. It’s a prick of a job because being a van there’s not much room so you have to pull the grill and drop the radiator, special tools are required to lock the engine and you need the VW software to tweak the fuel timing when you are done.

It’s beyond me. My mechanic has said it’s beyond him because he doesn’t want to tool up for it. The VW dealer in my town bollocks it up last time which left us stranded for a while on a roadtrip some months later. I know the workshop manager and he said he’d prefer I went elsewhere (but less politely).

So we are off to Adelaide for the weekend. It goes into the shop tomorrow and will come out again (hopefully) on Monday afternoon after a full service, new belts and a lightening of the wallet by a couple of thousand dollars. After which I get to drive home in the night, dodging kangaroos and wombats...and semi-trailers. This will be fun.

On the upside, IKEA and the Central Market. Or maybe not. Maybe I’ll just ride my bike along the Torrens...