4 Days, 3 Nights Riding and Camping

Heading out this afternoon with 3 friends to the UP (Michigan’s upper peninsula to others) for 4 days of riding and camping. Will probably end up being ~600 miles by the time we are done, starting and ending just north of the bridge. First time camping out this long, made it interesting to pack clothes, snacks, tools, bed, sleeping bag, spare parts, on a bike. I can say that compression sacks are WAY under appreciated. It’s amazing how small a sleeping bag can become

Luckily since there’s 4 of us, we can divide up the tools required for the trip, making it a bit lighter for everyone. Heaviest items are the spare HD tube for my rear tire, 10 mm pistol (I’m sleeping in a hammock at night, not taking chances with bears or wolves), hammock since it has a bug net and rain fly with it, all in I’ve added about 25 pounds to my bike for everything needed.


Yes this is a full size sleeping bag that fits my 6'3" frame perfectly (good down to 40 F degrees)

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