So last summer, my girlfriend was working several hours north of where I live (Montreal) as you may remember from my heralding tale of wolves, and one Hyundai Sonata.

This year, she'll be working an extra hour and a bit further North for 4 months. Basically, renting a car will run me a solid 400$ a trip + gas so if I make a couple trips a month it can add up and I'm sick of borrowing my friends cars. Though they have quite a few (one lent me an XKR-S .. it was his third car) but it just doesn't feel all that great to do.

So this year, I'm thinking I'd buy a used vehicle and resell it with an extra 15k miles on the odometer. My question becomes what would lose the least amount of value?

Perhaps a first gen CTS? If possible, I would love a go with a manual as I've never piloted one. I know it's a sin but even my first track car in Japan was flappy paddles. My budget isn't all that set as I plan on reselling but note that I am 6ft 3 and often struggle to find comfort in cars.