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4 Series Gran Coupe and the M4

Autoblog frontpage has the BMW 4 series gran coupe shown with camo but it's a four door, so another like the 6 series gran coupe, bmw is letting it ignore their model name schedule: Odd=4 doors, Even=2 doors. For example BMW 2015 M4, 2 doors, even number. Let's try another BMW 2015 M3, 4 doors, odd number. See this pattern? The most distinguishable car in their line up has a confusing new name. Guy standing on street next to his new M4, another guy walks up and says "Hey man, nice M3!" With a disgusted look, douchey M4 driver says "It's an M4 actually." in a douchey way. That's what's going to be happening. Potential customers walkinging into BMW being corrected by the salesman. "Nope, it's an M4. It's new this year, brand new model." Why are the gran coupes givien this rule breaker designation? And if that's the case, why can't we just have a 2 door M3?


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