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+4 to color coordination

I bought a set of Konig Heliums and BF Goodrich Sport Comp 2s from Discount Tire because of their advertised Black Friday sale on Kinja Deals. Getting the mail-in rebate was a bit of a thorn (it’s my $175 and I want it now!) but, honestly, I was well overdue for a new set of tires and I wanted to see how black wheels looks on my two-tone Miata.


Yeah, the used Dunlop Z2 Star Spec tires are certainly done with maybe 1 autocross left in them. Look at the difference in meat on the Sport Comp 2 compared to the Z2*! I’ve already done a short, 15-mile drive on them and the ride is so incredible smoother and more quiet now! I’ll have to test these in the rain eventually but I imagine they’ll do a far greater job channeling water away from the center than the Z2s.

I do love the look of bronze wheels, especially on a car like the Miata, but black certain does a better job complementing the black hardtop, windshield frame, and black headlights.


The only downside to black wheels is that they look a bit bland with plain black tires. No worries, once SC stops being so humid and/or cold, then I’ll be whipping out my white oil-based marker and hitting these tires up with some eye-popping lettering!

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