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4-wheeling is something I don't do enough.

Went up to the mountains with my dad today to take these things out and run around. Fortunately the rain held off until we were finished. I rode the one on the left with the roll cage. We went up behind Central City on some dirt trails. It was a decent enough machine, though the throttle kind of sucks. It has very little feel. I got used to it quick, though.

After we were done, the front axle seals on the one on the right were leaking. They’ll need to be replaced.


He knew the area better so I followed him, which means I ate about a pound of dirt, even with the windshield. I think I took about 5 pounds of dirt back in my clothes too. It was awesome.

Decent view too.

Also, one of his neighbors is selling this:


Looks great from a distance. Close up it’s a bit ragged. $3800? LOL nope.

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