I graduated from Georgia Tech with a Chemical Engineering degree and a job. (just a heads up, this is going to be picture heavy and probably ramble on) Since then:

Standing next to Tech tower, still a little drunk from the previous day.

I worked at Target to make money so I could take a European vacation. A high school friend and I went to Le Mans in 2013. Before Le Mans we went to the 2013 12 hours of Sebring.

I might have gotten a little drunk at Sebring.

Not much happened between March and June, other than working at Target. That job sucked, it really did. However it did pay for me to take a trip to Europe. While in Europe me and one of my friends rented a Mercedes and put 2000 km on it. We also visited a few places.

Me standing next to our rental Mercedes B180.


Me on top of the Maginot Line

Oh, we also drove around the ring.

Right after the ring, it was like 95˚F out that day and we had the AC off.


We also went to the 24 hour of Le Mans, and slept in our car since we couldn’t find other accommodation.

The Benz at Le Mans.

After Le Mans I had a couple more months it was time to start my job. I was in Houston for 2 weeks for on-boarding, then it was onto my district in Alice Texas to begin my career as a frac field engineer.


View from the office.

The in November I tried to buy an M3.


Yeah, that didn’t happen. So it was back to frac for the mean time.

Testing the GORV (Gas operated relief valve) at 12,500 PSI.

The in April I flew out for two months in Tyumen Russia, which is in Siberia. Eastern Siberia, but it’s still Siberia.


This is what it looked like when I arrived.

I had a great time and made some great friends. I still talk to a couple of them. Saw some cars as well. 

Did I get in a time machine?


I passed the class, and dressed appropriately for the last day.

After this I moved to Corpus Christi, and guess what. More frac.

How I spent July 4, 2014. Good thing my wells got the memo and got in the spirt of independence day.


Later in July 2014, I finally got something I wanted for over 10 years; an M3.

This was a picture the dealer had on their site, I used it to send to some of my friends.


The rest of 2014 was just a whole lot more frac, oh I also worked Christmas.

Merry fracmas. As you can see, I was thrilled to be working on Christmas.

I had two weeks of vacation after that, which I spent at home.

Celebrating new years and a Georgia Tech win over Mississippi State.


Back in Texas and more frac, oh and my car needed some work so I took it to BMW where the question I was asked when getting a loaner was “do you want the manual loaner?” Uh yeah, give me that.

The 2015 320i I had as a loaner, but look at the stick!

Between January and June, it was just a whole lot of frac and some drinking on days off. It also rained a lot in Texas that spring.


8 inches of mud, my favorite.

My days off lined up with Easter that year, so I bought a flight and flew home on Saturday.

On approach to ATL.


Next came a second school in June 2015 in Tulsa Oklahoma. I spent six weeks there. Where my M3 broke.


I did pass the school, but whereas I had a good time in Russia, I hated the school there. This picture summarizes my feelings pretty well.


I hated that place.

After the school, it was back to frac. Good news, I paid off my M3.


There are no pictures for this next part. Basically I got furloughed for three weeks and fucked up the one friendship in Texas that meant anything to me. To go any further on that subject is too personal, and as much as south Texas gossiped, I’m glad she kept it between us. Yeah, she was also a field engineer.

Anyways, while on furlough, I bought my second BMW, a 128i. I never said I was smart.


The same weekend I moved to San Antonio, but before I left Corpus, I had to leave my mark. I was parked in a covered spot while I was loading my car and since I didn’t move in, they were about to tow it. So I freaked out and wasn’t paying attention, and slammed my M3 into my garage wall.

October 2015 was about the worst month of my life.

It did get fixed, they also did a good job.


When I returned to work after my furlough, it was more frac.

YeahIts Gucci, whats up baby, yellow errthing this time, you know what i’m talkin’ bout, yellow well head, yellow accumulator, yellow standpipes, yellow crane, yellow zipper, Yellow watch, yellow valves, yellow flow cross

And more frac, unless coiled tubing was on location.

We screened out, coil doing a cleanout.


Casing was fucked, coil fixing the casing.

It was more frac, until I got laid off.

My former company required reverse parking, my final act of defiance.


Had a trip planned to Los Angles before I got laid off, I just extended it.

Once I got back it was time for a trip home in the 1.



Spent a month there, then I drove back to San Antonio and then sold my car. Then in July I had two phone calls from companies that wanted to interview me in the southeast, so I packed up my apartment then loaded up the M3 and drove back to GA.

I didn’t get either job, but i was now back in Georgia until it was time to get my stuff.

Sadly, I didn’t get a job before I my lease ran out in San Antonio, so it was time to initiate my backup plan, store all my stuff in GA. So me and a friend drove out to San Antonio in a rental and loaded all my stuff up and drove back to GA.


Since then I’ve been at home, where is when we get today. Today, exactly 4 years after I finished college, I have an interview for a job as a Process Engineer. Unlike other interviews, I’m much better prepared. The phone interview ended with, when are you available for an interview as opposed to we’ll get back to you.

I need this, I’m not going to fuck this one up, wish me luck.