This is the first picture I took of it. It was a bit of an impulse buy, I was sort of actively shopping to replace my 1997 Explorer. Had paid off the M3 in August and was starting to think about replacing the Explorer when it died on me on the highway on a drive from San Antonio to Corpus. The 128i was decently priced at 16k and I wanted another car, so I bought it. Without getting into a long story, it was bought for a purpose that it never actually ended up fulfilling. I never really came to like it too much, when I was home from the field, I was in the M3. When I got laid off in April of 2016, I decided to sell it because I didn’t know how long unemployment would last and I didn’t want the expenses of two cars. Had a difficult time selling it, and ended up selling it to Beepi, a company that is now defunct.

Never really decided how I felt about it until I got my 328i. Seeing them around makes me sort of miss it, and I would own one again, albeit, with a manual. 


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