Over the weekend, I did a test and tune followed by regular auto-x the next day. Since I am heading back to NJ later this week, this was my last event down here in the commonwealth of Virginia. Got some real quality seat time in total with 5 events, two of which were test and tunes, for a total of 75+ runs! This particular weekend though was the first time I nearly felt sick of driving by the end of the day lol. It was a VERY short course so runs happened almost instantaneously one after the other. This made for quite the fun but tiring day.

Anyways, things I took away from this weekend are that driving hard in the rain with the top down is a surreal experience. I just stopped caring about being wet, cold, and motion sick because it was so much fun and I was determined to do just a little bit better on every run. I also tried to focus on where I was losing time and where I could use to improve. I found that braking zones were the biggest problem for me. Sure, brakes make you slow down and slowing down is bad for your times, but you definitely need them to keep control of things. However, without ABS I found that locked up tires did not do good things for grip throughout the rest of the course. So I now know that I want to work on braking much more to use it more effectively.

As a final note, my tires are crap. Sure they are summer tires so they are MUCH better than last year’s all-seasons I had, but I so wish I had some RE-71Rs. Maybe I am having more fun by sliding around a bit but it definitely doesn’t help my times a whole lot!