Full disclosure: the manufacturer wanted me to review this so badly they sold it to my wife for my birthday last year with Amazon as the middle-man. After not getting a review last year they summoned the devil’s dandruff, oh wait that’s a different white powder. Well it snowed yesterday anyway.

The contender: Snow-Joe 40v electric snow thrower.


Hey look; It almost matches my other electrical (partially) contraption.

The battlefield: a slightly over one car wide but fairly long driveway (est about 90-100ft long) a two car parking pad, and a standard width section of sidewalk.

Also showing my non-ecofriendly vehicle to show I’m not electrically biased.

The enemy: About 3.5” of light fluffy snow and a heavy slushy mess left at the end of the drive by the snowplow. Oh, and a decent size pile of leaves I forgot were on a section of drive I don’t typically use.


I was honestly surprised by how well it did especially when faced with the slushy mess at the end of the drive. Even the surprise leaves were cleared no problem.

You have to find a decent pushing speed where the throat stays full for maximum snow throwing ability which took a bit to get used to. Once I did it actually threw snow and slush much further than expected. When trying to clear the last really narrow section the snow barely came out.


It’ll never compete with a gas snow blower, but it sure beats a shovel followed by an hour on a heating pad to soothe my back. Plus, it was bought when I worked an odd shift, and electric was nicer to the two neighbors I like than firing up a gas motor at 2am.

My only complaint is with the battery compartment. It was harder than it needed to be to get the battery in properly and the cover snapped in place for it to operate. If you don’t get it in just right the door won’t close and the battery will come off it’s connection and shut-off the machine.


One positive though is that a single battery was enough to do the whole area.

In conclusion: I’m glad I have it, and I hope I never get enough snow to use it again.