$400 Bimmer Progress Update #1: Valve Cover Painted (How not to start a project)

Progress has been slow on the old E12 project that I picked up, non-running, for a set of Ben Franklin quadruplets. This is partly because of the cold weather for the past month and partly because Rock Auto thinks parts fit when they really don’t. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so happy about the closeout sale after all.

Those little caps on the spark plugs from Rock Auto aren’t removable (trust me, I tried) and the plug wires need to connect to a bare threaded stud, like on motorcycles. Even the new wires they sent me will not fit on these plugs. Fortunately, these were cheap and AutoZone had some correct ones in stock.

Anyway, the weather was finally gorgeous this past weekend. I already had the intake taken apart to put in new injectors, and since I didn’t have the gaskets I needed to put it back together, I went to work with a little elbow grease and engine paint.

The old gaskets on the right. The new ones from Rock Auto on the left. Granted, there are three sets of “intake gaskets” on this car, so it is possible that these go between the engine and manifold, but then they don’t sell the ones I need.
What all of these surfaces looked like before cleaning them up
After taking a wire brush to them
The valve cover cleaned up
Optimus primer
After spraying orange, taping the raised stripes, and spraying black. Touch ups and clear to go.
Immediately after spraying clear, hence the cloudiness

I also drained the oil, started to replace the plugs, and swapped the starter (easier said than done).

Sludgy old filter.
The new filter sitting next to the canister it will live in soon.
I decided to clean up and spray the oil filter canister as well.

Hopefully I will have this thing ready to crank over soon, and find out if it is worth saving or if all of my time has been wasted so far...

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