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400K mile Crownvic? Yes please.

A buddy of mine literally gave me a 400k mile crown vic ex taxi cab. The thing is that surprisingly I love it. I love the fact that its well worn. I love the fact that it has space for 6 people. (Yes a folding middle bench seat is standard on this thing) I love the fact that it does not have carpeting, it has rubber. I love the thing to death. It runs really well honestly.

For referance here is the cost breakdown for now.

1 - Car $0

2 - Insurance for 6 months $418.xx

3 - Registration for 2 years ~$250.xx

4 - New clockspring ~ $58.xx

5 - new multifunction stalk ~ 38.xx

6 - New sparkplugs and coilpacks all 8 ~$70.00

Issues to be addressed.

1 - Airbag not working (see clockspring + new fuse) done.

2 - Horn not working - Fuse missing. done

3 - wipers not working - working on this, suspect bad ground.

4 - valve covers leaking. ~$40 and probably 2 days of swearing.

5 - drivers side passenger window not working. (bad ground) fixed.

6 - Needs new tires ~$400bux before winter sets.

7 - New windsheild wiper blades ~$20

8 - Paint (want to do a DYI spray on this vehicle) Yes im going to paint it black. Need to do some body work on it first though.


Upgrades planed.

El cheapo android based navi with backup camera ~$200

Parking sensors. This thing is a pain to park. Its the extended wheelbase model. ~$40


Possible upgrades at some point.

Mustang alloy wheels, although I may just repaint the steelies.

Pics. _ kinga wont allow uploading?

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